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when you were much younger, what did you do when the (socially acceptable)

spooky season

came to town? perhaps you went to deviantart to check out all of the latest halloween art,

RIP images, src:waybackmachine DA2006

or maybe you went to neopets hoping that it was the day you got that halloween paintbrush you always wanted?

src:neopets 2000 halloween journal! funfact: halloween 2000 is when the paintbrush released

if you were a major beetlejuice fan, maybe you went over to theneitherworld to check out it's halloween page!

no matter where you go online, when it's the time for halloween, you cannot escape it! although i never got to experience the images ive shown here- i absolutely love seeing halloween of yesteryears even when its the middle of summer!! on this page i'll be talking about some halloween related adobe flash animation n games! i loved playing games online when it was close to halloween especially if it was related to things i enjoyed (i remember playing on the cartoon network site alot for their halloween games n also scooby doo ones!)

i even have this (albeit low quality) screenshot from 2012 ?? 2013?? of a my little pony halloween pony creator !!!!

but enough of that lets get on w/ the first flash!!
a rant on halloween from the swearing-cynical-high-pitched-wanting-to-rule-the-world(ok thats a mouthful x_x) squirrel! foamy the squirrel !! now, my uncle introduced me to this character thru the foamy the squirrel songs collection.( link if ud like to copy ;]) tho i dont agree w/ everything this squirrel says i still enjoy to see some of the older videos! i believe these are still on newgrounds as well :] many of the flashes are like rated M 17+ tho xP personally i mainly like the song collection :P

next up !!

this is halloween but flash! :D in the description, the creator states this was made back when they were using flash for the first time n it took them ~3 months to complete it!! considering they were just learning flash, i think its esp well done! nightmare before christmas is one of my most faave movies so i love watching this!!
next up is a game!

this one is based on the halloween episode 'jacked up halloween'! i absolutely love !!! billy n mandy like so much !!!! its such a good show xO i wanna watch the big boogey adventure tv movie so bad,,,,, but enough about that! this game is actually still available on the CN site! you'd just need something like ruffle to play it on the site :/ its a simple enough game, just have to get through about 3 levels by defeating the enemies n such !

another game! however it is nintendo as opposed to it being cartoon network :] except this one is a fan game o_o shh! dont tell nintendo!!! its the halloween edition of the super mario flash game! i actually really enjoy how the game looks! def a product of its time n its usage of actual mario sprites. its level is rather short but its still a fun time! i dont actually remember if this one is available on flashpoint but hopefully so :O its archived in video form however through youtube like many others :]

heres an animation! its a short one but its nice n simple :] lil' pumpkin guy :P due to the lack of pen pressure plus shaky-ish lines it looks like its drawn w/ a mouse! im unsure if its stated it was drawn w/ a mouse or not but if it was thats super cool n impressive! along w/ the animation it has a pretty funky beat

you kill zombies. thats the basic premise. i just think this ones neat n is fun! it came out in 2011 n i believe this one got ported to mobile by adult swim in 2015? it is awfully similar just with different updated graphics

another newgrounds short!! i think this ones just a nice short for halloween! n hey theres even voice acting! like the pumpkin short, this one was also part of the halloween 2009 collection! i dont have a whole lot to say about this one but its still a nice watch!

last one i show for newgrounds player!! this is also part of the halloween 09 collection n i actually really enjoy this one!!! the trick or treaters,,,, theyre staring into your soul....... o_O it does a great job of telling its story n has nice fitting music! though when the grim reaper kid sees the spider he does scream n at the end theres a scream ?? at least i think its a scream? at the end so i just wanna warn for those who'd prefer to turn their volume down for that!!! ^_^ on the creator's profile it says he's 27 so he would've been about 15 years old when it was created so i think thats pretty cool!

so k-mart had a flash halloween game

10th one!!! this one i could only find like one actual standalone video of its gameplay??? odd ?_? its a rather simplistic game that makes for like,,,, say a whack-a-mole halloween type beat game so its a simple, fun, engaging game basically! its nice i like it :]

n last but not least!!! this is The House! probably one of the only spookyish games on this page U_U its a simple point n click game n i honestly really really like it! 'tacky jumpscares abound' though as teddybear-halo put it xP thank u to them for sending this game in the server!!! i hadnt known of its existence til it was sent! along w/ this game, i believe there is a sequel n that seems to be just a few minutes longer compared to this one!
so with that, this concludes my page on halloween flashes!! happy halloween to all n to all a goodnight !!! dont let the ghost lupe eat your neopets on the way out! :O take care now!
outer background by wishfry on deviantart

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