full moon wo sagashite is an anime and manga series from the early 2000s about a 12 year old mitsuki kouyama who wants to become a singer but unfortunately cannot due to throat cancer! she then meets these shinigamis who she can see n learns she only has a year left to live, so w/ their help, she transforms into full moon! in this form she can sing as freely as she likes n aims to become a singer n find her childhood love! i have yet to read the manga but i LOVE the anime its so fun!! n has alot of dramatic stuff! i love purusing through old merchandise of the series as well as its super interesting to find what has been made officially for the series! i aim to get the ultra maniac + full moon ova vhs tape n the meroko n takuto plushies someday!! oh im also a supporter of meroko x takuto lol (THEYD BE CUTE N ARINA TANEMURA IS A COWARD (jk) )

^ heres 100x100 icons ive made!!

can u tell meroko is my fave character?? (playlist is songs i think fits her/what i think she would listen to)