emily the strange

who is emily?

emily the strange is a character brand that features a 13 year old girl who enjoys things like
inventing, science, skateboarding, cats, music, etc !!
originating in 1991, she was created to be used as a santa cruz skateboard design n from there
rob reger (the creator) made t shirts.
from there more t shirts were made n eventually,
she became the character we know today
brief info taken from collider's rob reger interview

what do i like about emily?
something i love about emily is how different she is from me!!
shes incredibly smart, able to invent things like machines, she knows how to program n read binary, shes kinda cynical but realistic
she prefers to just about always be alone w/ her cats.
whereas, i dont believe myself to be of the brightest, im quite chipper i believe !!
n i dont have the brain for scientific experiments, oh yeah i also dont have pets.
im not incredibly sure how to word how n why i like her but i enjoy her regardless!!!
whyd i create this section if i dont know how to word it well??
oh well :P

so whats new w/ emily?
in july a 2022 calender was put up on the emilystrangerous etsy shop!!

i really like the designs on this one n hope to get it !!
another thing put up on the etsy shop is this

i think this would be one of the best ways to read the comics !! i cant wait to read em honestly
but i'll probably just have to borrow from library ^_^;
the best thing by far i think that has come out is,,
the sneak peak for the chinese emily the strange animated shorts!! it was revealed during comic con@home 2020
hopefully we'll see it within the next year

u can view the sneakpeak along w/ a section for translation on the wiki page!!
at some point, amazon studios was developing an animation adaptation for emily!

unfortunately, i dont believe anything came of this n was stuck in development like the feature film was U_U;
UPDATE!!!! the image was not part of the amazon shorts !! X_X

oh n theres an official emily the strange tiktok account
a dollskill collab did happen but uhhhh >_> yeah rlly wish they didnt do that considering everything w/ dollskil
i rlly wish they went w/ hot topic instead

this is the first actual art i made of her!!

i posted it to deviantart july 22nd, 2020
n this was actually around the time i got into emily the strange i believe!
i came across an image of her on tumblr n was like "woaaah"

i honestly... dont like this one,,, i didnt like it when i uploaded it >_>
im grabbing these from my deviantart so my doodles arent here :U

i actually really like this one!!! i did it on ms paint :P was uploaded july of this year!
2 days b4 one year of being into emily the strange!!!! :DD

im not sure how i feel about this one tbh!! but i like it i guess :O i like the background the most probz

emily images

my cosplay

incase you are unable to read the writing it says stamp of disapproval!
i need to go back n rewrite disapproval cuz i spelled it wrong on accident D":
i wasn't paying attention at all when i was writing it :[

another one from that day! i would've worn my white shoes but i didnt want to get them dirty :/
im not the best at cosplay pictures so this was practice for me!

i even went as emily to a con! :D met felicia day there o(^U^)o

this year i decided to go as emily for halloween n the con that was in september so in august i got the dress at a thrift store!
had several options but the one i chose was the one i liked best n fit her dress the most

me n my mom, sister, n uncle went out to see a movie!! i wanted to cosplay emily cuz,,, lol
i really like her outfit n its the only cosplay i have w/ me while i was staying at my grandmas

strange music for strange people

in 2006 a compilation music cd mix was released!! i love this n really want my own copy of it :D
heres a link to my spotify playlist of it w/ a few new songs that replace songs that werent available on spotify

im actually creating a fan made vol 2!! its still in the works but listen to it so far here!! i aim for 17 songs just like the original

miscellaneous things

the site had a featured "my strange cat". i believe submissions were posted through the forum?
more on that later!! its a pretty interesting thing to me

i wonder who won n what issue its in :o

i think the emily ads would be perfect to go on someones site!! :D

from when chloe moretz was to play emily in the movie that didnt get past development!

the site even had a little radio!!

would ya look at that!! from 2011, a snow white writer was to work on it!!
from this blog here!! pretty fun to look through

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