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Wedding Peach is an anime with an original run of 51 episodes from April of 1995 to March of 1996.
It was adapted from the manga that was serialized in the Ciao Magazine. It also recieved 3 games on the Super Famicon, Playstation and Gameboy.

This shrine will feature heavily the anime as that is what I have watched and that is what I grew up watching! ^U^
Wedding Peach is about love angels who fight devils and purify them through love. It features alot of comedy + romance and is a magical girl series with a demographic towards girls.

In 2004, a compilation of Wedding Peach stories was made for younger readers with simplified dialogue, simpler storylines, and younger looking characters.
To be completely honest, the first time I ever heard of young love was around the time i created this page o_O At the library I've only seen the anime dvds.
as a kid, I didn't get to watch all of the dvds even though my mom got the volumes like,,, every week for us xD someone was still holding onto volume 9 I believe so we never got to watch it and skipped right ahead to DX and not even season 2 at that!!! so there was quite a bit we missed. God.... the 4th? episode of DX?? with the cats???? I SAW THAT WHEN I WAS LIKE 8-10 YEARS OLD OH MY GOD!!! my mom and my older sibling even watched it JESUS CHRIST WHAT AN EPISODE THAT WAS HUH!?!? those who have seen it, I KNOW YOU KNOW WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT HAHAHUNF that was certaintly,,,, an episode alright... >_> nevertheless!! what makes it so special to me overall? being that its a childhood anime it immediately makes me extremely biased due to how much i loved it as a kid n how much i love it now!

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